Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Time

Hello Dear Friends, We are back home and recovered from three trips to Texas this summer and fall. Family sickness kept us away for about 4 mo. The shop is looking beautiful for Christmas. Lots of new Primitives for the Prim lovers. I love it all but pink is my color.  I decided to add a silver tree with magenta, girly ornaments this year. Thank you to all the girls who helped at the shop while we were gone. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in Texas. Still in love after all these years! Email us for hours, at the shop, as we are still trying to pick up the loose ends at home after being gone so long.   Thanks, Paula

Saturday, June 16, 2012

More pictures of the shop. My photographer has a new camera and is trying it out. These pictures are not edited. The two jars at the top were decorated by me. I'll be back soon.

What Happened.

What happened to me, was, that I found Pinterest and became addicted to it!! I have to say its been a whole lot of fun! I even managed to make a couple of things in between. I've discovered that I need a warehouse for all my supplies and a large Rec room for my work space. Then, I need lots and lots of new shelves to put all these tubs of supplies on. I have never been organized one day in my life but I'm still hoping. You might say that I am sort of a free spirit. I might do this or that if it strikes my fancy. Then, I blink my eyes, and have to leave my dream world, and come back to reality. So here I am. I have missed you. Hopefully, I will do better in the future and post more often. I have new pictures of the shop. My photographer is back and doing a great job! I can't remember how to work this blog. Wow! What a memory!!! Hugs, Paula

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ashlie Marie Potpourri

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!! I am finally doing another post. My Hubby was "under the weather" for a while in November and December. Then we had the Christmas rush at the shop. Now we can take a deep breath and get some much needed things done, around the house. Yes, the shop too. Lots to do there, now that Christmas is over. I have been working on 14 or so little dolls for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. My Hubby was even helping me stuff them. It will be a while before I am finished. They are simple but time consuming, since I take my time, putting the finishing touches on them. I will try to post a picture of some of them soon.