Monday, September 19, 2011

Applejack Festival!!

We had a fantastic time at Applejack! There were so many people we had never met before. The rain held off pretty much on Saturday but it rained some on Sunday. We saw people in big rain gear, with boxes, walking to pick their apples at the orchard. We even made it to the orchard yesterday before they closed. The Jonnagold and Johnathan apples are so delicious. Good price too. We also sampled the homemade apple donuts. They are the best!! There were lots of people in the shop for three days. More on Saturday than the other days. Our Potpourris were a big hit with everyone! Really enjoyed talking to some lovely visitors from England last week. Now the fun begins with all the visitors coming to pick apples and visit the orchards. We will be busy til after Christmas. Hugs, Paula